Wrenn is a fresh new artist straight out of Athens. Her songwriting and voice are both mature and funky. Twisting bright and bold with sultry and buoyant, her talent is a mash-up that’s cool on the ears. The aesthetic she brings to the stage is always on point and her retro-pop, melodic music is innovative and fun. Her vocals hook people in as soon as she starts performing.

colonnade: If you could describe your musical style in 5 words, what would they be?

wrenn: Quirky, sometimes fun, sometimes serious.

c: What’s the most unique thing about Wrenn?

w: I don’t know yet, I am just trying to figure that out.

c: What’s your goal every time you get onstage?

w: I think I am constantly developing as an artist. The overall goal is to hopefully reach people, to relate people and to connect to them. But I also think that because things are always changing and you’re always growing that sometimes we don’t even know what the goal is. I don’t think The Beatles decided to be The Beatles and then they were like, ‘We are going to be the biggest thing in the world.’ I think they were just like, ‘Let’s make music and that’s what we are going to do.’

c: What artists inspire you?

w: I love The Beatles. I love Elton John, Paul McCartney, Father John Misty and The Avett Brothers.

colonnade: If you could describe your musical style in 5 words, what would they be?

c: Are you different outside of the ‘Wrenn’ persona?

w:I am more shy as normal me. I don’t like to sing in front of small crowds. So when you put on a certain persona, it’s a little bit of a way to hide yourself so that you are more comfortable onstage. But I think really I am who I am no matter what name I put on it. It’s [Wrenn is] my grandmother’s maiden name, so it just kind of reminds me to keep myself in check.

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