Women’s website brings new perspective

Her Campus blog offers female students tips for success, dating advice, student profiles

Karley Speer

With the prominence of social media in everyone’s lives, it only seems fitting that the women of Georgia College have their own website to go to for the hottest news, tips and trends.

And Her Campus does just that.

“Her Campus is an online magazine for the women of Georgia College,” said Allison Blanchard, GC’s campus correspondent.

Recently, the Student Government Association gave the green light for Her Campus to become an official Registered Student Organization (RSO) at GC. This distinction allows Her Campus to actively recruit students to help create the website’s content. The organization plans on increasing visibility around campus by tabling and chalking, in hopes of enlisting more participants for website production.

The website contains a wide range of items for women to explore like blogs, feature stories, cuties on campus, snapshots, celebrity news and much more.

GC updates Her Campus weekly to keep the ladies up to date on local and global happenings.

“We want to keep it fresh and new,” said Blanchard.

The articles consist of a wide range of topics, which include education, clothing and boys, but you can also view what other college chapters are saying as well.

“We’re what they call a Gold Level Chapter which is actually a big deal right now,” said GC Her Campus Correspondent Shelby Smith.

Being a Gold Level chapter means that GC’s Her Campus has 25 percent of the female undergrad population visit the website and 5 percent are following the organization through Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s really relaxed,” said Her Campus writer and junior mass communication major Emily Ward “Everyone on the team is super nice!”

Currently Georgia College’s Her Campus chapter consists of 12 women looking to make their mark, but they are eager to increase their numbers and get more people involved.

They are looking for individuals who have a passion and love for editing and writing, and are interested in staying up to date on current topics and events both locally and globally.

Applying to join the Her Campus crew is easy and available on www.Hercampus.com.

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