Welcome from the News Desk

By Emma Nortje

Hey bobcats. My name is Emma Nortje and I’m your new news editor for the Colonnade. You may have seen my name in the paper a couple of times over the past year as a writer or a photographer. Evidently my skills as a journalist were good enough to land me this awesome opportunity.

Just so you get a sense of the person behind the words, I’m a sophomore mass communications major and I love to write. I use to write fiction but eventually life became more real than anything I could come up with so now I settle for blogging about my thoughts, and talking to real people and writing their stories. So the paper is a good fit for me it seems. I also love to spend time outdoors, run, eat salty and preferably crunchy food, listen to music literally all the time (Spotify is rarely not open on my phone or computer), and go on drives whenever life is driving (oh puns) me especially crazy.

I can’t wait to write more for you guys. Hopefully I’ll keep you informed and entertained (despite the fact that I do write news). And special shout out to the rest of the staff at the Colonnade. I can’t wait to work and get to know you guys.

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