To dislike or nah?


Sydney Chacon 

I recently read an article from USA Today about how Facebook is now working on a “dislike” button. I think many people will enjoy this new feature because I’ve seen so many comments on posts about how they wish a dislike button existed. Now, that’s going to be delivered.

This new feature will be good for some because not everything people post is happy. Sometimes we’re just having a really bad day, and we tell people about it on Facebook. When people like these rants it’s kind of strange because do they like the fact that you had a bad day, or do they like it because they wish you hadn’t had a bad day and are sympathizing with you?

In that aspect, the new dislike button will be great. Now, there will be no confusion about the likes you receive on your post when you didn’t post anything good or happy.

However, I feel like this could be taken to a whole different level than what it’s meant for because people are immature, and that’s just what happens sometimes.

“Trolling” is almost like a hobby for some people, so some people might dislike statuses for no reason other than the fact that they are able to and because they like to cause other people stress and problems.

Trolling paired with overly sensitive people just sounds like a bad combination. It might end up causing more arguments on Facebook. However, so many arguments already exist. Maybe it won’t make too much of a difference anyway.

Nothing is set in stone at this point, but Facebook seems to fear people getting upset, so the new button might not be called “dislike” but perhaps “sympathize.”

Hopefully, the dislike button will be used for what it was intended for, to be another option other than “like.”

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