The Wonder Twins: Holland and Hannah Coursey Add Depth Personality to The Bobcat Roster

By Savannah Stout

Twin sisters Hannah and Holland Coursey exceed expectations both on and off the softball field.

The pair from Sugar Hill, Georgia helped lead the Georgia College softball team to its most successful season in school history last spring with a 47-11 record. The twins played in 90 percent of these games as freshman starters.

Their passion for softball began at 8 years old while playing for a recreational church league. They played other sports growing up but soon found they could not stay away from softball. They joined a travel ball league at 12 years old and have shared the softball field ever since.

“We couldn’t handle being on separate teams because we are too competitive,” Hannah said.

But they don’t let competition divide them.

“We both want to win and be successful, but we also are each other’s biggest cheerleaders,” Holland said. “If one succeeds we both do.”

The sisters are currently sophomore accounting majors who share most of the same classes. They push each other not only as teammates but also in their studies.

“We always try and see who gets the better test grade,” Hannah said.

The twins use this competition to motivate them to be the best students and athletes that they can be.

“It gives me a drive to want to be more successful,” Holland said.

Their success is undeniable. The twins have maintained 4.0 GPA while balancing school, workouts, practices and games.

“They made an impact right away” Athletic Director Al Weston said. “Not only great players but are faith-based and serve others so well.”

GC softball coach Jamie Grodecki highlighted not only the athletic abilities of the sisters but also their characters.

“You see it in their respect towards others,” Grodecki said. “Also in the way they handle adversity and failure. They get it done on and off the field above and beyond what is expected of them.”

For Coach Grodecki, it was an easy decision to recruit the twins together.

“Their versatility and work ethic fit perfectly within the recruiting philosophy of the team,” Grodecki said.

During the recruitment process Hannah and Holland made it clear from the start that they were a package deal. The twins even turned down offers from other schools who wanted to recruit just one of them.

“We always knew we wanted to go to the same school, and we were very blessed and fortunate that Coach Grodecki wanted us together,” Hannah said.

As similar as they seem, their personalities and softball positions help them stand apart. Holland is an outfielder while Hannah plays shortstop in the infield.

“Holland being a left-handed batter can slap and bump for the base hit, and I have more power on the bat,” Hannah said.

Hannah and Holland don’t let their alikeness lead them to compare each other. They both recognize the unique qualities they bring to the plate. Through all pressure of softball and school, in the end, they will always have each other’s back.

“It’s like having a built in best friend, we don’t let the competition separate us and we never will,” Holland said.


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