The Orange Constant


The Orange Constant is able to bring new ideas and is able to capitalize on each musical identity that it possesses. ‘Widespread Panic’ and ‘My Morning Jacket’ are two bands that listeners may hear influences from throughout TOC’s albums. Despite having these punk influences, The Orange Constant is dedicated to keep their melodic charm and rhythmic melodies throughout their sound.

colonnade: What’s your favorite part about playing in Milledgeville?

the orange constant: There’s a unique vibe to it. It’s a smaller college, so it’s tight-knit. We see a lot of repeat people. Usually people are a little more interested in unique music here than some other college towns.

c: Why do you guys do what you do?

toc: For me, it’s the ability to control your own destiny. That kind of entrepreneurial type mindset- the idea that what you put into it, you get back.

toc: I play because I play guitar when I have a sad day, I play guitar when I have a good day. I started playing guitar when I was 15 and there are really not a lot of things from 15 or 13 that I am still doing today. There has to be something to that. I feel like it’s what I am supposed to do. I can’t help it- it just happens.

toc: I like signing. I like just belting out a good song. I like writing lyrics that people can relate to in any way. At this point, what else am I going to do, you know?

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