The Lemonade: Hunting the Rainbow

By Will Anderson

“Grab yerself a Pot’O’Gold,” is this year’s motto for Georgia College Leprechaun Hunting Club as they prepare for one of their most important dates on the calendar, St. Patrick’s Day. Each year the club gathers to hunt down this mysterious mythical creature across campus.

“We are super excited for our annual hunt this year. Being able to carry a concealed fire arm around campus has really been able to change up our strategy. These leprechauns are becoming more dangerous with the weapons they carry so it’s great we are able to combat them with this ruling!” commented the President of the Club John Holahan, “We have had trouble in the past with on campus authorities with weapons prior, but we are feeling lucky this year!”

According to Holahan in past hunts beforehand, weapons of choice mostly consisted of tasers, pepper spray, broken bottles and nerf guns. Georgia College Police frequently has had to confiscate many of the items prior to the hunt.

A lot of the pre rituals for the hunt have been passed on from generation to generation dating back all the way to the founding fathers of this organization. Starting with the pre hunting meal consisting of Lucky Charms and the yearly “armor painting” tradition where each member dosses themselves in dark green body paint covered from head to toe. This technique is believed to “ward off” the negative energy that each Leprechaun might containing during the pursuing period. At the end of the ceremony, the club gathers back together to see what treasures and leads they may have in catching the little fella.

When pressed about whether they have had success in capturing or spotting a Leprechaun, the club refused to comment. Also when questioned about what they would do if they had “theoretically caught” a Leprechaun Holahan stated “If I told you, we would probably have to start hunting you instead.”

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