The Lemonade: Clinton and Lamar to Drop Album for Hip Millennials

By Will Anderson

As Bernie Sanders gains momentum in the Democratic Presidential Primary, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is announcing a partnership between Clinton and prominent rap artist Kendrick Lamar. The first single, “No more Elections in D.C.”, from their debut album can now be listened to on Soundcloud. The album is aiming for a Feb. 1st release, hoping to increase excitement for the upcoming Iowa caucus.

This recent trend of politicians uniting with rappers is nothing new to this wild Presidential race. Just last month, Republican front runner Donald Trump released his widely controversial mixtape, “Mo Money, Less Problems”, featuring Puff Daddy and Mase. Many mainstream media outlets have concluded that Trump’s mixtape may be one of the reasons for his notorious behavior throughout his presidential run. Other candidates, including Senator Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, tried a similar approach by forming a group by the name of S.W.A. (Southernz Wit Aptitude). Unfortunately, due to creative and fundamental differences, the assembly separated after only two hours.

“We hope that from this collaboration, the youth culture will better understand that Secretary Clinton can be just as groovy and down with it as the kids,” noted a P.R. spokesperson from Hillary’s campaign. “Originally, we wanted to pair up with rap legend Vanilla Ice. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to our knowledge he has been retired for many years.”

According to rumor from a very reliable source additional artists, including MC Hammer, Will Smith and LL Cool J, are expected to make appearances on the album with Lamar and Secretary Clinton. Included on this soundtrack are expected hits; “Gettin Presidential Wit It”, “First Lady’s Paradise” and “Fudge Tha G.O.P.-lice”

Kendrick Lamar has said to have little to no input on the music and lyrics involved in making of this new album. When questioned about his experience creating the album with the former Secretary of State, Lamar merely commented that it was “Alright”.

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