The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Sam Jones



Good: World Series MVP and folk hero Madison Bumgarner is not only pitching well for the San Francisco Giants in the midst of a playoff stretch, but is hitting better than most of his non-pitching teammates. Manager Bruce Bochy has taken note and is beginning to use Bumgarner (hitting .245 on the year) as a pinch hitter in late inning situations. While impressive, it’s not quite as impressive as the time Ken Griffey Jr., with the help of a wicked crazyball, pitched six no hitters in a season and also led the league in home runs on my Backyard Baseball team.

Bad: A softball team from Sonomish, Washington intentionally lost a game in the Little League Softball World Series. The team sat its starters and ordered its players to bunt almost each at bat. They were no hit and lost the game 8-0. The Washington team, who had already advanced to the next round, decided to lose to keep a more difficult team from advancing and facing them in the next round.

Ugly: The dark lord Melvin returned again to reap the souls of the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday in 9-0 Braves loss.  His darkness, Melvin Upton Jr., went 3-4 with two home runs, five RBIs, and six puppies sacrificed. The night is just another chapter in the evil hell demon’s quest to destroy the Atlanta baseball franchise.  On his recent success Upton said, “I’m just trying to keep things simple and see the ball well,” said Upton. “I’ve also been feeding a lot on the blood of the innocent and watching a lot of HGTV.  House Hunters really de-stresses my senses in my downtime” Upton added probably.

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