The good, the bad, and the ugly

Derek Roberts

The Good

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has suffered a severe shoulder injury and will miss the remainder of the playoffs. While this is bad news for Cleveland fans, this is wonderful news for Hawks fans. If the Hawks can muscle past the Nets and eventually make their way to the Eastern Finals (where they’re projected to play the Cavs), they’ll have a much better chance at advancing without having to battle against Love.

The Bad

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan was called for offensive interference with seven seconds remaining in game No. 5 of the first round. Down by a basket with limited time remaining, guard Blake Griffin took a mid-range shot to give the Clippers the lead. With the ball rattling around the rim, Jordan touched the ball, and the officials called the shot off. The shot appeared it would’ve gone in within Jordan’s assistance. Nonetheless, the basket didn’t count, and as a byproduct, the Clippers lost the game and fell behind one game in the series.

The Ugly

For the first time in Major League Baseball history, fans were banned from attending a game. In the midst of the racial riots in Baltimore, MLB decided it would be best to not allow fans into the Orioles’ Camden Yards for Wednesday’s matchup against the Chicago White Sox. Hundreds of professional scouts were the only spectators sitting in the stands. While I understand the severity of the recent riots, it’s still ludicrous for the MLB to forbid baseball fans from enjoying America’s pastime.

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