The Colonnade: Actually Useful For Something


By Alaina Minshew

Reading is an outdated hobby at Georgia College, so faculty and students have found other ways to use The Colonnade that are more useful than finding out what is going on around campus.

“I always grab several copies of The Colonnade to take home,” Claudia Yaghoobi, English and Rhetoric professor said. “I can use it for Pearl’s kennel. This is less expensive than spending money on training pads for your dog.”

The Colonnade helps in innovative ways by helping people save money, but some people around GC have gotten pretty creative with their uses. They are just not saving money, but making money.

“So I was in the library studying,” Erick Gould, sophomore English and Rhetoric major said. “I made a paper hat out of The Colonnade when I got bored. I got so many compliments that I decided to make more and sell them. I took like forty copies and started selling them for a buck a piece. If you guys need cheap swag, come see me.”

Many individuals are loving The Colonnade now that they are not reading it.

“What am I going to do, read a newspaper?” Anisio Martins dos Santos, lecturer of German and Spanish said. “I saw this homeless man and gave him a bunch of newspaper copies from Georgia College to use as a blanket. He got way more use out of them.”

It’s interesting to see what new ways staff and students are using The Colonnade to improve their lives, or the lives of others. Since people no longer care about reading, it will be captivating to see the future of the newspaper, and how else people choose to utilize it.

“I use The Colonnade for many things,” Jonathan Cook, junior exercise science major said. “Such as a shower curtain, toilet paper, paper towels, plates, sheets for my bed, blinds and much more. I hate to read it, it’s boring, so this is a good way to apply it to everyday life.”


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