The Adventures of A Homecoming Candidate: Thunder Girl

By Abigail Dillon

This week has not been easy. First of all, props to all of the sorority girls that do this every year with no end. Campaigning for homecoming is exhausting. However, I’d like to think for non-Greek affiliated people it is a lot harder. We don’t have large groups of people helping to bake sweets and treats, we don’t have a committee dedicated to chalking around campus and we definitely do not have a large amount of money set aside just for the branding of the candidates. I do not mean to bash the sororities; I am just saying that they definitely have an advantage when it comes to campaigning.

As a random person running for homecoming court, I have felt very uncomfortable. Walking to class or speaking in front of organizations knowing that I do not have a majority advantage is difficult. My whole campaign revolves around me being a superhero and saving Thunder, our school mascot. With this, I have tried subtle advertising techniques such as hiding superhero related items around campus and using YikYak to notify others of their location. Being on YikYak has sucked. You get to see people’s comments that secretly or maybe outwardly hate you. You get called an attention whore just for being outgoing. Last time I checked, outgoing is not a synonym for ‘attention whore’.

Running for homecoming court is like being a mini public figure. Yes, you don’t really matter in the big scheme of things, but potential voters are on all social media. Anything you say or do could turn people away. This is all very difficult. I feel like I am judged more walking to campus than normal or like at any second someone is waiting for me to trip and fall. Yes, this is a bit dramatic, but honestly I have to applaud these girls that do this all the time.

Good luck to all the candidates out there, male and female, SGA and homecoming court. This is hard stuff for sure and not for the faint of heart. So bring it on anonymous insults.

Hey, I am Abigail Dillon, and why not vote for the superhero obsessed, blonde, outgoing and quirky girl?

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