Studying abroad should be considered by students

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By Lou Schreckenburger

Studying abroad is something that every college student needs to experience. The possibilities are endless. You could end up anywhere from the roaming hills in Ireland to the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. There are many things to experience when studying abroad.  Kayla Bennett, a sophomore Athletic Training major said maybe the most important aspect of studying abroad is about friendships that are made.


“I really built great connections and friendships that you can only develop when you explore a foreign country with someone, it was a truly a once in a lifetime experience,” Bennett said.  


The people you meet in another country will really open your eyes to something incredible. It’s amazing to be able to experience everything about another culture from the food to the different personalities of the people you meet.


A reason I know most of you won’t want to study abroad is because you don’t think you can afford it. However, there are so many scholarship opportunities including one through Georgia College. There are so many others as well that can be found through the International Education Center at the Bone House. Another big reason a lot of you might not want to study abroad is because a lot of you might be a little scared to leave the country and experience something completely different than what you’re used to. While this may be the case, Willie Ledezma, a senior Management Information Systems major advises students to ignore those feelings.


“Just let their fears go away and learn something new about themselves,” Ledezma said. “However, most importantly, that they go on their trip with an open mind and try to make every experience worthwhile.”
As long as you can find these scholarships and open your mind to something you will find true happiness in another culture.

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