Review: Buffington’s Concert, The Norm and Others

Tim Yoon/ Contributing PhotographerTim Yoon/ Contributing Photographer

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Good music and good vibes filled Milledgeville’s Oconee River Greenway on Saturday night, as Buffington’s hosted its next installment of the summer concert series.

The concert featured music from local artists; The Fall Line Ramblers played first, Rapanui followed and headliner, The Norm, ended the night.

The Fall Line Ramblers opened up the show with an Aerosmith-inspired performance of “Come Together.” The band went on to play a blues-infused classic rock set.

After a while, the Fall Line Ramblers slowed it down a bit for a chilled-out rendition of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic.”

Tim Yoon/ Contributing Photographer

Tim Yoon/ Contributing Photographer


Following The Fall Line Ramblers, Milledgeville’s own, Rapanui took the stage. The self-described “progressive rock” band played a set that consisted of jam band music with a consistently good sound.

The energy of the band was reflected in the positive mood of the crowd, producing a fun and energetic environment all around.

Tim Yoon/ Contributing Photographer

Tim Yoon/ Contributing Photographer


The Norm closed out the night with a high-energy set, electrifying the crowd song after song in typical Norm fashion. The six-man band showcased their diverse musical talent in every song played, whether that was in the unique addition of the “sexaphone,” the epic guitar solos or the slowed-down sound of lead singer Brian Rucker’s ballad.

The Band’s masterfully designed light show and smoke machine added more entertaining dimensions to the hour-and-a-half set.

The Norm ended the night by bringing two young fans onstage for a song. The seemingly shy boys’ lack of enthusiasm didn’t matter because it allowed Rucker and his step-brother Ryan Bars to remind their audience of what they hold most important.

“Keep your family close, and don’t ever stop dreaming,” Rucker said.

Overall rating: 4/5

Tim Yoon/ Contributing Photographer

Tim Yoon/ Contributing Photographer


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