Response to the administration’s nonresponse

To the Georgia College Administration and others associated with Commencement,

I recently read an “Our Voice” article in The Colonnade that really got my blood boiling. It was about graduation and how even after last year’s disaster, you haven’t learned anything. The graduates of 2013 had to endure a shortened, rain-soaked event that did not give them the credit that was due for all their hard work. As a 2014 graduate, I really hope that if the weather forecast shows rain on the day of graduation, you will use your brains and move graduation inside to the Centennial Center.
You continue to use the “it’s tradition” excuse for what happened last year and to continue having graduation on Front Campus this year. However, as a student who has had many family members graduate from this college, I can tell you that it has not been a “tradition” for very long. My father’s and all of my aunt’s undergraduate commencement ceremonies occurred in the Centennial Center. It wasn’t until my father received his Master’s from here in the early 2000s that commencement was on Front Campus.
I (as well as many of my classmates) have spent the last few years working hard to earn our degrees. We want to be able to celebrate with our friends and families on our accomplishments. Our families have cheered us on these last few years as we have struggled and overcome many challenges. Why should they have to endure rain, wet seats and a “sea of umbrellas” that do not allow them to watch us receive our diplomas?
Why can’t you use the Three R’s (Reason, Respect and Responsibility) you have wanted us to learn?

Maggie Finch
Senior sociology

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