Public Safety

By: James Beaman

Basketball breach

Jan. 18, 2:18 p.m. Officer Ennis went to the Centennial Center in reference to suspicious people playing basketball. Ennis made contact with about 30 people who were found not to be students. They were told to leave, and while most were cooperative, one became rowdy and used profanity towards Ennis. Ennis issued the gentleman an official trespass warning, but he threw it away and left.

Can I call my mommy?

Jan. 17, 12:55 a.m. Officer McKinney saw a guy and girl stumbling at the corner of Wilkinson and Montgomery streets. He approached them and noticed their eyes were bloodshot and they smelled of alcohol. They admitted to drinking that evening, but the guy was under 21. The guy asked if he could call his mother, who he said was a lawyer, but McKinney said he did not yet have a right to a lawyer. McKinney administered a breathalyzer and the guy blew a .054. McKinney then drove them back to College Station. The guy’s case was sent to Student Judicial.

Same love, same drama

Jan. 19, 3:25 p.m. A GC student reported to Officer Hicks that he was being harassed by his ex-boyfriend. The student’s ex stole his phone and snuck into his room to return the phone and talk. The student did not wish to file a criminal report and just wished for GC Police to be aware of the situation and completed a written statement. He applied to move to a different room within GC Housing, and Officer Hicks unsuccessfully tried to make contact with the ex.

They know just how to relax

Jan. 18, 4:13 p.m. Officer McKinney was patrolling Foundation Hall when he smelled weed coming from one of the rooms. He knocked and the occupants who answered had bloodshot, watery eyes. He asked them to give him any weed they had and they handed over a plastic bag containing weed. McKinney asked to search the room and they gave consent.During the search, McKinney found a bottle of Jack Daniels, more weed and paraphernalia on top of a desk and a locked box inside. He asked the owner to open the box and found an unmarked pill bottle containing muscle relaxants. The owner had no prescription and was referred to Student Judicial.

I’d like a Love Potion

Jan. 20, 5:51 p.m. A GC student said her bike was stolen from the bike rack in front of Napier Hall. She had last seen it on Dec. 11, but did not realize it was missing until Jan. 20. It was described as a? pink Love Potion valued at $75. The case was turned over to investigations.

Don’t live the high life

Jan. 20, 10:15 p.m. Officer Chatman went to Napier Hall in response to a call about the smell of weed. Chatman made contact with the occupants of the supposed room and noticed that their eyes were bloodshot and watery. They admitted to smoking weed and gave Chatman a small pill bottle containing weed. Chatman asked if they had any more and they said no. He then asked if he could search the room further and was given consent. He found more weed and a can of Miller High Life. They were both arrested and taken to the Milledgeville Police Department for processing.

Everyone has a Jeep these days

Jan. 24, 2:06 p.m. Officer McWilliams met with a GC student in response to a bike stolen over Winter break. The student said he left it outside of Parkhurst Hall and that it is a green Jeep brand bike valued at $280. McWilliams said there were some recovered bikes at West Campus and that he should check to see if it was there. The student said he would check later when he was able.

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