Public Safety

Where’s Jack Sparrow when you need him?

Nov. 11, 1:08 a.m. Officer Kennedy pulled over a Ford F-150 for failure to maintain lane. During the stop, Kennedy saw an open bottle of Kraken rum. However, neither occupants had been drinking. The driver was issued a citation for having an open container and the bottle was disposed of. No further action was taken.

You’re banned… and probably grounded

Nov. 12, 11:05 p.m. Sgt. Smith and Officer Kennedy were sent to Russell Library by Student Security in reference to a suspicious person going behind the counter at Books and Brew. Kennedy and Smith made contact with four people at the Information Technology Lab. One of the group members was 13, and another had been banned from Georgia College property since March. The one who was previously banned from GC property was arrested, while the 13-year-old was banned from GC property and taken home to his mother.

She’s a back seat fighter

Nov. 16, 1:45 a.m. Officer Kennedy pulled a vehicle over for going 70 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. The driver was cooperative and said they were speeding because the two passengers were drunk and arguing with each other. When Kennedy went back to his vehicle to run their information for warrants, one of the passengers began hitting the other. Kennedy arrested the aggressor and gave the driver a verbal warning.

He’s as dumb as a door mat

Nov. 20, 10:58 p.m. Sgt. Smith was told by Milledgeville Police Department Officer Boyer that he saw a GC Housing door mat on the front porch of a house on S. Wilkinson Street. Smith made contact with the resident who said he took it in the fall semester of 2013. Smith told the guy he would have to pay for the mat and sent the case to Student Judicial.

If you don’t look a cop in the eyes, they can’t see you

Nov. 23, 12:31 a.m. Officer Johnson saw two girls walking and stumbling into each other on the sidewalk. One of them was throwing up as she stumbled along. Johnson walked up and spoke to them, but they avoided eye contact and kept walking. Johnson tried talking to them again and they said they were sorry and almost home. One of them had vomit in her hair and on her dress. Johnson tried to get them to take a breathalyzer, but they did not comply. They argued that there were more heinous crimes happening and that Johnson should solve them instead. Johnson arrested them and took them to MPD for processing.

Sometimes I sleep naked too

Nov. 23, 1:14 a.m. Officer McKinney was dispatched to Wells Hall because of an intoxicated girl. He went to the room and found the girl passed out on the floor with her underwear around her knees. McKinney had her roommates get her dressed and requested Emergency Medical Services. After a couple minutes she woke up and began throwing up. McKinney confirmed from multiple people including her boyfriend that nothing sexual had happened and that she had pulled her underwear down herself. One of her friends said she was going to go downtown, but she became too intoxicated. EMS arrived and took her to the Oconee Regional Medical Center for alcohol poisoning treatment. The case was sent to Student Judicial.

Nice rack, but no bike

Nov. 24, 10:19 p.m. Officer Kennedy was sent to the bike rack outside of Adams Hall in response to a stolen bike. Kennedy met with the owner who said he last saw it locked to the bike rack two weeks before. When he returned, the bike was missing. He described the bike as a red and grey 2014 TREK 820 valued at $500. The incident has been turned over to investigations.

Theft by deception sounds cooler than it is

Nov. 25, 11:40 p.m. Officer McWilliams was called to Main Campus by Sgt. Smith because a man was walking around campus asking for donations in support of the American Red Cross. However, they knew the man was not affiliated with the humanitarian organization. McWilliams and Smith made contact with the man and arrested him for theft by deception. He was taken to the Baldwin County Life Enrichment Center and given a trespass warning.

It’s a public university. Not a public library

Nov. 26, 10:38 p.m. Officer Chatman was sent to Russell Library in response to a person trespassing on campus. Chatman made contact with the guy and ran his identification. Dispatch then notified Chatman that the guy had been banned from campus since 2011, so he was arrested and taken to the Baldwin County jail.

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