Program promotes historic take on lectures

Laura Brink/ Staff PhotographerLaura Brink/ Staff Photographer

Laura Brink


Based on the work of Engaging Educator, Contemporary Responses is designed to, “extend the learning experience for students of the literature, history and theatre as well as freshmen exploring special topics through GC1Y and GC2Y,” Curator of Education, Shannon Morris said.

The goal of this program is to refresh the student experience and to enhance the basic lecture by placing them in the many historic facilities here at Georgia College. These facilities include the Old Governor’s Mansion, The Sallie Ellis Davis House and the Black Box Theatre.

“The staff members of the OGM and the SED House intend to throw down the gauntlet through interpretive presentations such as dramatic readings, spoken word, poetry, performing arts presentations and open dialogue that extends the conversation beyond the historical moment into the now,” Morris said.

Courtney Lebeau, senior criminal justice major, is often underwhelmed by the average classroom setting, “GC has so many fascinating and beautiful places, and every class I take is in a room with white walls and white floors. I think learning in a more interesting place would help with my interest levels.”

“I’m in Herty for every class I take,” junior chemistry major Zeljka Popovic said. “I think it would be really refreshing to participate in any educational experience in one of the historic buildings. Even as a chemistry major, I still am impressed by the history of our school, and I’d like to know more about it.”

Contemporary Responses will host some of GC’s favorite professors including: Dr. Beauty Bragg, and Dr. Katie Simon from the English and rhetoric department, and Dr. Karen Berman and Professor Kristi Papailler from the theater department. Each semester will bring new collaborators so the same thing will never be shown twice.

The first Contemporary Responses presentation took place on Sept. 1 at the Old Governor’s Mansion, and the program will host events until mid-November.
For more information visit the Facebook pages of the Old Governor’s Mansion, the Sallie Ellis Davis House and the Black Box Theatre.

Laura Brink/ Staff Photographer

Laura Brink/ Staff Photographer

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