Out with the old, in with the new

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Kelly Mainor

This time last year I was crying because I found out I was privileged to be the editor of this paper. But there are many things people didn’t know. They were not tears of joy. I was overwhelmed by the stress of having to reconstruct a news organization from the ground up. But guess what? We did it. That’s right. But I can’t take all of the credit. Through the past year, I have developed a love-hate relationship with the friends-turned-family that I have spent exhausting nights with to do the thing I love most – being creative. Now, looking back, I am crying tears of joy. When reminiscing on my glory college days, I won’t think about all the parties I hit up or all of the cute boys that bought me drinks in a bar downtown. I will think about the people who challenged me on a daily basis to be a better leader, motivator and overall person. I will think about the heart-to-hearts I had with my best girlfriends who stayed up with me until 4 a.m. to finish our work on the newspaper. The last four years at GC have definitely been a roller coaster. I have learned a lot of life lessons the hard way — mostly because of my stubborn personality. If there are words of wisdom I can leave behind to other students it would be this:

-People don’t grow out of being mean and immature. It’s not just a high school phase.

-Call your mother more. She actually misses you, even though y’all may fight.

-Learn to budget early on. It will save your butt in the long run.

-Say thank you more, and make sure your friends know they are appreciated.

-Professors don’t bite. Get to know them.

-Sleep deprivation is a real thing.

-Learn life balances between work, school and leisure time.

-Everyone suffers from procrastination. Learning how to manage a routine just takes practice.


-You are capable, and you are meant to be here for a reason.

It’s been real GC. Mainor out.

Peace. KM

Taylor Hembree

Sitting in Chappell Hall my sophomore year, I NEVER thought I would be here today, writing for the paper and spending every single Wednesday night crammed in a small office without windows. 10 people who I otherwise wouldn’t have met if not for the Colonnade, have become a family — a home away from home.

A good-looking sports desk, a super-rad entertainment desk, a funny-as-hell news desk and a fun-loving EIC, all have made this year both great and stressful. Without all of the editors, my life would not be the same, and saying this is such an understatement. I have met bridesmaids, big brothers and best friends and I wouldn’t change a single all-nighter if that meant I had to give up this experience.

As the Colonnade’s editor and biggest supporter, I promise to go to battle for the editors, publish articles seeping with journalistic integrity, uphold traditions of respect, ruffle some feathers and present the paper to outsiders to the best of my ability.

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