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What were the hipsters thinking? Urban Outfitters scandal sparks conversation.

If you don’t know, the hipster’s paradise, Urban Outfitters, has been caught in another scandal. They have mass produced a “vintage” sweatshirt with Kent State’s logo on the front. This doesn’t sound like a controversy, however, the sweatshirt itself is dyed red and splattered with paint, emulating the Kent State massacre of the 1970’s.

Not only is this tacky and distasteful, it is disrespectful to those who were killed, wounded or otherwise involved in the shooting that many consider to be one of the most tragic events of that decade. Wounds may heal and words may be forgiven, but scars still remain. In making this sweatshirt, Urban Outfitters has gotten attention from news sources and critics everywhere.

We as a staff feel that this is an unnecessary addition to the clothing store. Not only have they been involved in this controversy, but they have also designed shirts that say “Eat Less” and also incorporate items into their stores that reference religious and cultural slurs. Urban has taken it way too far in their goals to appeal to the hip 20-something culture.

If you saw a person walking around with a shirt that said “Eat Less” across the front in black vinyl helvetica letters, would you really think that they were hipster or just pretentious? The same thought can be applied to a retro“stained” sweatshirt sporting Kent State’s logo.

Stores should not try to generate items with the amount social stigma behind them to cause such unconventional controversy in a group of people. For $129 would you rather own a sweatshirt with faux blood splatters or two weeks worth of groceries?

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