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News Editor dismissed from Colonnade staff

It is never easy to dismiss someone from the staff, especially someone who has dedicated four years to The Colonnade.

Managing editor and news editor Mark Watkins was charged with drunken driving in mid-March. When police arrived at the intersection of South Liberty and West Greene streets, they reportedly noticed Watkins’ vehicle parked on the curb. According to an incident report, his car’s front bumper was hanging loose and fluids were leaking from the car.

In the driver’s seat, the report noted, was a passed-out Watkins. When questioned, Watkins had no idea what had happened or how he had gotten on the curb. The officers asked him to step out of the vehicle, but Watkins reportedly refused, instead opting to put his seatbelt on and try to drive away. When he was out of the car, Watkins became belligerent when officers asked him to put his hands behind his back, the report states. The officers finally got Watkins in the back of a patrol car. According to the report, he began laughing hysterically and was speaking incoherently.

Such behavior violates both Georgia College’s code of conduct and The Colonnade’s policy manual. As a result, Watkins has been dismissed from The Colonnade staff. His assistant, John Dillon, has replaced him as news editor for the semester’s remaining editions.

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