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Editors surprised at ingorance of Georgia College students

Ignorant [ig-ner-uh nt] adjective
1.lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned
2.uninformed; unaware.

A big part of college is being surrounded by friends, doing what is “cool” and oftentimes being peer pressured into doing things we normally wouldn’t do.

It’s what we call the “college experience,” “the best four or five years of your life” and “being young, wild and free.” The popular song “I Love College” by Asher Roth includes some lyrics that some of us live our lives by. “Pass out at three, wake up at 10. Go out to eat, then do it again, man I love college.”

By no means are we stating that students shouldn’t have fun in college. Hell, how many more times in life are we solely focused on learning and having fun. More than likely none.

Even though the student mentality focuses on having fun and living with a YOLO attitude, there are some actions that lead to some serious consequences. A lot of these actions deal with violence against peers.

This past Tuesday, a speaker came to talk to the student body. Yes, the ENTIRE student body was invited, not just the Greek community. Even though the Greek community had to be there, everyone on campus had the opportunity to learn from a prestigious scholar.

Jackson Katz, an important TED talks speaker, came to our campus to enlighten us on gender violence.

We, as a staff, were appalled at the pushback from the audience.

During and after the presentation, Yik Yak was blowing up with comments. Some were very positive and spoke highly of the points he was making, but others were completely uncalled for, embarrassing and plain ignorant.

If you looked at Yik Yak at all Tuesday night, you probably saw yaks with comments such as “This guy is a mangina.” or “This guy is literally a piece of s**t.” And even “Haha booty hurt b***ch asses just left. Haha!”

This is not about whether you agreed with what Katz had to say, but rather to address the fact that anyone who sat in the audience and felt the need to anonymously post comments via social media sites is just ignorant.

We are a campus of integrity, knowledge and respect. The backlash concerning the speaker, regardless of what was discussed at the presentation, is something that should never have come from students of such an esteemed institution.

Instead of being stagnant and adhering to the social norms of not caring about issues bigger than what to do this weekend, try and be the change that produces better citizens and ultimately better students.

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