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Our thoughts about the tobacco free campus

Life is a choice, just as college is a choice, getting out of bed is a choice, going to class is a choice, happiness in a choice and health is a choice. Banning tobacco products won’t stop people from using them. People have to make the conscious choice for themselves.

The tobacco ban is in full effect. Students and professors alike are adjusting to the new constraints of the no tobacco policy put in place for all University System of Georgia campuses.

While we understand the desire for the change, we, The Colonnade staff, stand divided on this issue. Some of us are in support of the ban while others think it violates our freedom to make our own choices.

On paper, the tobacco ban makes sense: A sunny campus with students taking a frisbee break at the quad after spending a few hours in the library. Everyone’s happy and stress-free. The only thing in the air is the sound of laughter.

But realistically, the ban creates tension within the GC community. Not only smokers but all tobacco users are pressed for space to freely smoke or satisfy their tobacco habits/addictions.

Students and faculty members alike are within legal rights to purchase tobacco products.

There are healthier alternatives to smoking without others suffering from second hand smoke including vaping or dipping — both of which don’t affect others. Hookah has always been a social activity that many enjoy as well.

The tobacco free campus is something that we support, but with hesitation.

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