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Here’s to you, D*****

Taylor Hembree When I was a junior in highschool, I was 17 years old. At the age of 17 I was sexually harassed and threatened by the most popular guy in our school, who also…

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Studying abroad should be considered by students

By Lou Schreckenburger Studying abroad is something that every college student needs to experience. The possibilities are endless. You could end up anywhere from the roaming hills in Ireland to the beautiful landscape of New…


‘Five Days in a Mad House’

By Taylor Hembree When I finally figured out that I wanted to become a journalist, I immediately started researching famous writers. One that stuck out was Nellie Bly. Bly was a badass woman who got…

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, We are bothered by the fact that Milledgeville doesn’t offer recycling services to its downtown residents. Several cities now offer recycling programs, some are even mandatory. These programs have proved to be impactful…

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Editor Says an Emotional Goodbye

By Katie Skogen I’m not a very emotional person. While most of my girl friends cry at things like The Notebook, or boys or cute gestures, I find myself dry-eyed. I dated a guy for…