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Eve Ensler, a badass

Taylor Hembree @taybayyyyyyyyyy Eve Ensler, a badass feminist, wrote a book titled “I am an Emotional Creature” (which if you haven’t read, you totally should) and it has changed my life. As if I wasn’t…

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You’re in Denali

Andrew Podo You’re in Denali. President Obama announced that the White House would be formally changing the name of Alaska’s highest peak, Mt. McKinley, to the traditional, native Athabascan name Denali. Republicans from President McKinley’s…


Feminism is being a man

Nick Landon What’s funny about language is that it does a good job of not always meaning what it should. One example is in the word “feminism,” which many seem to think is an ideology…

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Letter from the editor

Journalism is often considered a thankless job. After taking the position as Editor-in-Chief of The Colonnade, I understand why that statement is so often said. However, when I think about the work I do, we…


To dislike or nah?

Sydney Chacon  I recently read an article from USA Today about how Facebook is now working on a “dislike” button. I think many people will enjoy this new feature because I’ve seen so many comments…


Drive-by shootings out of control

Tyler Tracy As I was driving home from work the other night, I saw multiple police cars on North Columbia Street parked outside a home. As a volunteer firefighter, my first thought was someone had…