Netflix and Chill – Weekly Recommendation


As an avid fan of comedy movies, I’ve come to associate the genre with actress Kristen Wiig. However, Wiig has been pushing her acting abilities in recent films, and in her 2014 movie, “Welcome to Me,” she pushed her abilities to the maximum. Portraying a woman that lives with borderline personality disorder and obsessively rewatches “Oprah,” Wiig’s character, Alice, claims “mental training” allowed her to win $86 million in the lottery. Cue the hilarity.
After a series of interesting events, Alice ends up with a TV show about herself and entitles it “Welcome to Me.” Wiig’s performance borders on genius. Not only does she bring attention to the misconceptions of mental disorders, but she also displays what life is like for modern-day, mentally ill people. Spend the time to watch this fantastic film, not only to have a couple laughs, but to broaden your horizons and learn something new.

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