Mischief Maya: Part Two

Kelly Mainor

I finally gave up on my dream of doing hoodcat things with my alley cats. Mama never lets me go outside. I only get to watch through the blinds when she remembers to leave them open. Sometimes, when she forgets, I have to climb through the cracks — I always get stuck halfway through.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago. I am finally one year old. Happy Birthday to me. I was hoping I would get a party and presents but that didn’t happen. Instead, Mama yelled at me for tearing up that white rolled paper next to her litter box again.

For a little celebration of my own I decided to do something a little crazy. While Mama was gone, as she always is, I sniffed out the stash.

It was my first attempt at a solo mission and it took me a little while to figure out where it was hidden. I smashed my whiskers in the cabinet door trying to peek my head in at first. I felt like such an alley cat again — going on missions and doing my very own B&E (breaking and entering).

Mama had the bag of nip hidden in a tin box. I dragged it out of the cabinet and opened it in the middle of the floor. I got a little scared when my stash went flying in the air and fell all in the carpet.

It scared me and I jumped up in the air and landed on the little metal box which scared me even more. I remembered I was trying to complete my B&E like my fellow hoodcats do so I focused and started eating all of the nip that was in the bag.

Mama came home later that afternoon to find me sprawled out on the carpet. I was lying on my back staring into the floor-length mirror. When I saw my reflection, my pupils were so big that my green eyes seemed to disappear.

She was not happy that I used up all the nip. I was only trying to relive my alley cat days and earn back my hoodcat reputation. But I’m starting to see that’s not going to happen. I guess now’s as good a time as any to accept that Sgt. Quakers and I are meant to be together, watching Aristocats before bed.

Meow for now,



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