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Taylor Hembree

This summer, same-sex marriage became legal in the United States, sparking a huge social reform across the nation. #Lovewins became an instant hit, jolting the hashtag into a trending topic.

After I saw a news station airing same-sex couples getting married, I texted one of my best friends to say congratulations and sharing in his excitement. Afterwards, I posted an Instagram post with the caption “Love is blind to race, age, gender, love is love. So happy that now everyone has the fundamental right to express that love in the bond of marriage. #Lovewins.”

On Instagram, my oldest friend is over 60 years old and my youngest friend is in elementary school. With those age demographics, over 75 percent of my likes came from my college friends. Now, yes, most of the active users of Instagram are college students, but I have quite a few friends who are over the age of 30. Only one of these friends liked my post supporting same-sex marriage.

This is not a column about whether or not my life revolves around how many likes I get on social media, but rather to make a statement about my generation.

I was raised in a Southern Baptist home with God-fearing parents and family. I am a Christian, heterosexual woman who fully supports same-sex rights. These views that I have do not necessarily agree with my family’s views on the hot topic, and I am grateful for that.

One of the most offensive posts about the Supreme Court decision was actually from a close relative. His Facebook post almost made me unfriend him, which in this day in time is like starting a family feud.

His post stated, “I am an American by birth and a Born Again, Bible believing Southerner by the Grace of God. I also believe that God is against the Homosexual lifestyle yesterday, today, and forever. If any of you have chosen to be friends with the Sodomites and find the Confederate Flag to be offensive. I ask that you unfriend me immediately. Thank You.”

What a bold statement.

The man that posted that is not only a family member, but also someone who I looked up to as a Christian and believer. However, it saddens me to see someone with such a closed mind spreading the word of Christ in such an untruthful way. God loves everyone.

Thanks, 20-somethings, for giving me an open mind and allowing me to show compassion to everyone, not just the people that are like me. I have never been happier to be a part of the ‘me generation’. Guys, if you like guys, that’s cool. Guys, if you like girls, that’s cool. Girls, if you like girls, that’s rad. Girls, if you like guys, that’s rad. Just be yourself and love everyone.
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  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but Christians are defined by Christian scripture. I can’t say “I despise Mohammed and the Koran” and then declare myself to be a Muslim. I can declare myself to be a light bulb, a planet, or a ham-and-cheese sandwich, but that does not make it so. Read Romans 1:26-27.

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