Lil’ Dicky Brings Down The Centennial Center

By Brooke Moore

This year’s highly anticipated, sold out, homecoming concert met mixed reviews from students.

“I was expecting the concert to be really hype,” Courtney Palmer, freshman, business management major said. ”But as the night went on, it turned out to be really lame. I would say half of the audience left after Lil’ Dicky performed, and it didn’t live up to my expectations at all.”

This year’s lineup consisted of pop artist Pia Mia, rapper Lil’ Dicky and headliner Rich Homie Quan. However, Pia Mia cancelled the day before the event.

The only explanation her agent, Peter Wiederlight offered came in an email to the Campus Activities Board: Pia needs to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances beyond her control.

“I didn’t really know who she was,” Frankie Cantrell, a freshman, pre-athletic training major said. “I didn’t really mind that she cancelled. It gave more time for the other artists.”

Despite Pia Mia being MIA, Lil’ Dicky turned out to be a huge hit with GC students. The “professional rapper” gave a memorable performance that included the singing of the National Anthem and a lap dance to a lucky audience member.

“I was pretty surprised when he stripped off his clothes and gave a lap dance to someone,” Olivia Todd, junior mass communication major said. “He was really funny and hyped up the crowd.”

When headliner Rich Homie Quan hit the stage the energy and hype Lil’ Dicky built up seemed to die down, and hundreds of people began to flock out of the Centennial Center all at once.

Rich Homie Quan performed several hit songs by a number of artists but his performance lacked the personal touch that Lil’ Dicky had.

“Rich Homie Quan probably shouldn’t have been the headliner,” Todd said, “I felt bad when everyone walked out during his performance.”

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