Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

As Georgia College students parade in and out of dorm rooms each year, the maintenance staff is called upon to fix issues in the residence halls, from broken air conditioners to leaky showers. However, the timeliness and effectiveness of the repairs are questionable.

Last year, I transferred to Georgia College before the start of the spring semester and moved into Adams Hall.

Upon arrival, my roommate informed me that the air conditioner constantly blew hot air, which needless to say is not very useful in Georgia. She said she had put in countless work orders to fix it, only to have a maintenance staff member come out, say we might need a new thermostat, but then just tweak the vent slightly and leave.

Problem solved, right?


Because waking up in a pool of sweat isn’t ideal, I quickly became frustrated by the situation and put in a work order of my own and made a few calls.

Finally, we received a new thermostat, but only after almost an entire school year of pestering the maintenance staff.

When I moved into Parkhurst Hall this semester, my housing contract contained a list of maintenance issues found last semester that had yet to be fixed: a broken shower head, a cracked hot water handle on the sink, cracks in the tile and an entry door I had to constantly slam into in order to get into my room.
And that’s just in my room.

I have no doubt that our maintenance staff works hard, but the system certainly needs to be tweaked. It should not take five work orders to get a problem fixed correctly and incoming students have issue-free rooms to live in.

-Hannah Houston

Dear Editor of the Colonnade,

A new restaurant called Stacked has just opened up on N. Colombia Street.

I, along with many other students at GCSU, could not be happier to have some different options for food around here.

With the opening of Cookout last semester, and a Bojangles coming soon, the restaurant choices in Milledgeville have all been pretty unhealthy. While us college kids love our milkshakes and chicken biscuits, we want more places in Milledgeville such as Panera Bread.

It is a popular restaurant seen all over Georgia. It serves handcrafted sandwiches, salads, soups and baked goods instead of the constant fried food loaded with artificial ingredients and chemicals.

Because of how popular Stacked has become in just a short period of time, I hope more places like it open up soon.

With its fresh ingredients, bread that tastes like it came out of a bakery, and the option of getting a Greek yogurt based salad dressing, Stacked has easily become the new go-to place.

-Georgia Abdallah

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