Letter to the Editors

Dear GC&SU Students,

I am Ken Vance, a candidate for city council in the November 6th City election, and I would appreciate your vote, but that is not why I am writing. Here is why.
Recently, several students came to me saying that they were being asked to register to vote, and I said that is great. They told me that they had been approached to register at their respective residence hall, and they had filled out the voter registration form and returned it to the person who had solicited them to register. The person that solicited them to register said that they would mail it in for them.
Here is the problem. That is illegal!
Under Georgia law, OCGA 21-2-214, it is illegal for someone to solicit your voting registration by having you return the filled out document to him or her for his or her submission to the Secretary of State.
The correct and legal way would have been for someone to give you a voter registration form for YOU to fill out and for YOU to mail in.
Please understand that I am not trying to keep you from registering to vote. I am saying that those who solicited your voter registration and collected your registration may be keeping you from voting.
So I am asking those of you who registered to vote at your residence hall or any other location and returned the voter registration form to the person who solicited it, to please contact me at 452-1442 (please leave a message if I am not there) or e-mail me at [email protected].

Thanks in advance!

Ken Vance

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