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I would first like to say thank you to the ten senators that voted not to allow Campus Outreach the opportunity to change its status from a traditional organization to an activity club. It took courage and conviction for them to enforce the rules set forth by the school to remain an RSO. The question I have is, why was the vote so close? The vote should have been unanimous, as the organization failed to meet the requirements set forth by the USC.
There is no reason for allowing one group to receive preferential treatment over another. Campus Outreach may do many wonderful things for the campus, if you believe the way the 150 loyal students do. If you do not, then you could care less. The radio station could do more for the student body than Campus Outreach does, but there is not an iota of support for it. The only reason I can come up with is the fact that it is a religious organization.
The statement by Senator Jackson last week stating that if any organization feels there has been a miscommunication with the University Students Council, then that group should petition SGA for reinstatement. What’s wrong with this statement is that when it is time to register as an RSO, it states explicitly what each type of organization is required to do, and if any organization fails to meet these requirements then that organization is booted off campus without an appeal. So why were they allowed to petition SGA?
The villain here is not SGA, they did what they were required to do according to the constitution. The problem here is that the senators seemed to vote based on the merits of the organization and not on what is stated in the constitution. Hopefully there will not be a next time, but if there is, then I hope that the Senators vote according to the constitution and not on who the organization represents.

Bob Daneke

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  1. I must say that I am disappointed in the lack of publicity that the Dance Minor recieves. I have seen a few small posts in the paper regarding the upcoming concert and some of the things we do about campus, but I have never seen anything of notable size. The arts are so important to education and the Dance Minor is growing in size and value. We do many events to contribute not only to Georgia College, but the community as well. A few weeks ago XTE danced at the veterans’ home and visited with them. The upcoming Dance Minor Concert is one of the biggest performances that the dance minors work for all year. We were told that there would be a photographer from the colonnade coming to rehearsal to take some photos and they never showed up. It was disappointing to say the least. I am sure the school and the dance minors would appreciate some more recognition. The Colonnade is an outstanding news paper, all it needs is some dance.

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