Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

No thanks. I don’t want a cookie or some bar with syrup all over it.

A rough morning and one more class before it’s time for lunch makes me crave something to increase my blood sugar though.
I visit both the cafeteria in the Library and the one by the Bobcat center. Where is the fruit at Georgia College? Why are apples or these famous Georgia peaches so hard to find?

Being a student is a sedentary job. That makes eating healthy even more important. Having a snack that belongs on the sofa with a good movie on a Friday night at 11 a.m. on an ordinary Tuesday is neither healthy nor tasty.

The difficulty in finding fruit on campus is bad for my grades too.

How can I charm the professors by bringing them a glowing red apple if there are no apples to buy?

– Erika Granath

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