Letter to the editor

Though Professor Sara Faircloth’s response to Alex’s claims to the rights of students was, I would hazard to assume, penned with the best of intentions, I couldn’t help but notice that the professor’s rebuttal implicitly demonstrates the very authoritarian sense of entitlement which plagues the University System of Georgia and was pointed out within Alex’s Letter to the Editor.

Yes, the professor is correct in stating that tuition doesn’t cover the entire school budget; 32.8 percent of the school’s budget does come from state appropriations. However, contrary to the professor’s implicit claims, the disbursement of these funds doesn’t justify Draconian classroom policies.

With Sara Faircloth’s logic, it would follow that as a result of your use of a coupon to purchase a product from a convenience store, you would be justifiably subject to authoritarian conditions dictated by store management. This though, is not the way the cookie crumbles.

Professor Faircloth, if you wish to respond to my retort, you’re more than welcome, but I should warn you if students don’t like your reply, they might be inclined to grade you poorly on you Instructor Assessment. It’s your call.
Welcome to Walmart.

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