Letter from the editor

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Taylor Hembree

The Colonnade is full of traditions: traditions of excellence, award winning writing and great leadership. As the new Editor in Chief, I am well aware of the expectations of both the staff and myself.

To the readers: I promise that the paper will bring the best news possible and as easily digestible as possible. I plan on keeping the paper relevant to college students and appealing to the interest of 20-somethings. The designs will be Instagram worthy and up-to-date. The staff and I will work hard to print what you want and only what you want to read. We are going to give you something to talk about.

To the staff: I promise to bring my best to the table, both in personal friendships and professionally. I promise to support you and back you up with everything that I have. Also, I promise to make Wednesdays not too miserable and to bring food occasionally.

Thanks for trusting me to lead the paper and continue the tradition of excellence.

Stay Rad,


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  1. I’m not sure I understand the new header: “The Colonnade &” And what? And what is the bird on the left? Isn’t GC still Bobcats or did more change this summer than I knew?

  2. You rock, Taylor!

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