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Journalism is often considered a thankless job. After taking the position as Editor-in-Chief of The Colonnade, I understand why that statement is so often said. However, when I think about the work I do, we do, as a staff, I consider us grateful for a lot of things.

The reasons why we do what we do: produce, write, photograph and design a paper is for the people who read it, but also for us. We thank ourselves for following our passions, for being up to date with the news and for caring about what happens on our campus.

We constantly are thanked in nonverbal ways. When we see papers in the hands of others or when people willingly taking a paper off the stand, that’s like receiving a thank you card in the mail.

We are also thanked in verbal ways. Faculty has said that they appreciate what we do. Students occasionally comment on what we do and thank the staff for putting out a paper.

But, regardless, I don’t lead a paper to be thanked. I run a paper because I think it’s my job as a mass communication student, as an educated citizen and as a lover of news, to inform others of what’s going on.

It’s our duty as a staff to provide the best work we can and present it in the most powerful way possible.

Having this platform to write about what’s important to me in the Opinion section, having other sections as outlets to inform others and producing this work of art with the designs and photography is something that I am proud of. Being in charge of a “dying field of journalism” has never felt more liberating. The field is not dying because we are producing a new breed of journalists who not only care about what the content is, but also care about how the content looks on the page. This new breed of journalists are the movers and shakers of news. I am excited to see where I end up and where the rest of this talented staff goes.

Yes we put in long hours. Yes, it’s stressful. But, seeing the paper in print and getting the occasional ‘good job’ is worth all of the work.

The staff never fails to impress me with their hard work. They aren’t thanked enough.

So, thank you staff. I will forever be grateful for you all allowing me to lead the paper the way I know best.

Stay rad,



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