It Came From the Bookstore

By Veronica Croft

The Barnes & Noble at Georgia College has released its very own Thunder plush toy that is now being promoted around campus and sold in the bookstore. This 8-inch stuffed animal was designed to look like our very own “Thunder”, but has students questioning whether or not this is an accurate representation of our mascot.

“If he wasn’t wearing a Georgia College t-shirt, I would think he was a little green troll.” said Natalie Sleister, senior Management major. “They are cute, but honestly, it kind of looks like a small green monster. Are those ears or small horns? And why do they look like they just woke up?” These plush toys are each meant to look like Thunder, but yet each one seems to look more tired than the next.

“I like the idea of a bobcats stuffed animal, but I don’t think anyone expected their faces to look this way. We know that it’s supposed to look like the bobcat on our logo, but something about their faces is a little messed up.” said Brock Snelling, senior Accounting major.

Overall, the students haven’t been able to provide much positive feedback on this new addition to the Barnes & Noble.

While shopping at the bookstore, Joanne Bottomley, a parent of a Georgia College student commented, “There is no way I would spend money on this for my child. Twenty dollars for a tiny stuffed animal that looks like it’s on drugs? Absolutely not. Seriously, what is going on with his eyes?”

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