Getting to know the Mayor of Milledgeville


Michelle Dubin

Behind every politician is a person that we, the public, never gets to see. Behind every politician is a person that, generally speaking, the public never gets to see. Only a couple blocks from the Georgia College campus is the office of Milledgeville Mayor, Gary Thrower, a simple man who lives a busy life.

Thrower was born and raised in Milledgeville, and he graduated from Georgia College  He claims to know the city’s streets like the back of his hand and where to find the best soul food in town. He’s not afraid to admit that he’s not a good golfer, and he’ll light up if you ask him about kayaking.


But Thrower said he never imagined himself becoming mayor. It was the encouragement and positive attitude he spread to others that made him decide to step up and run for the position. He sat down with The Colonnade to talk more about some of his favorite things as well as his plans for the city of Milledgeville.

What do you like to do for fun?

“I enjoy getting in my yard and doing yard work. It gets me away and separated from the world for a period time. I have lately gotten involved in kayaking. Getting on the river and just relaxing is pretty cool. I just try to stay active.”

What is your biggest passion in life?

“Bringing everyone together and working for the common cause is my passion. I want to prove to the state of Georgia and the world that Milledgeville is place you can bring a business. “

What are your plans as mayor?

“Trying to build better relationships. I want to make sure I can establish a solid relationship with my council and make sure we work together and accomplish similar goals. “

Are there any changes you are going to make that would benefit college students?

“I am a proponent of putting together a short term, strategic plan that I hope will benefit everyone in Milledgeville, including college students. We would like to continue providing opportunities for Milledgeville to access the knowledge that GC provides; use it more and include them more in our decisions.”

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