Georgia College: Spring Break Destination



It’s official. As if Milledgeville didn’t have enough going for it, we have now claimed the title of “No. 1 Spring Break Destination.” After many long years of competing with vacation spots like Destin, Gulf Shores and even the Bahamas, Milledgeville has finally made it out on top.

This year, Milledgeville catered to thousands of students from around the country that were just itching to get a taste of what Middle Georgia was all about… especially the “Peches.” The owners of the famous fruit stand even teamed up with Capital City to create a signature drink with the notorious “peches” to be sold throughout the week of spring break in celebration of the newly acclaimed title.

With Milledgeville being such a small town, you might be wondering where all of these party animals stayed. After Milledgeville’s finest hotels, such as Days Inn and Motel 6 got booked up for the week, Mayor Thrower did what any good mayor would do, and thought outside the box. On March 18, 2016, Thrower officially opened the Governor’s Mansion as a place for spring breakers to stay.

“I figured, it’s Spring Break…Why the hell not?” Thrower said.

The city council has already made arrangements to include the “No. 1 Spring Break Destination” title on a number of historical landmarks and signs throughout the town. Rumors are even spreading that Milledgeville will soon be renamed as capitol of Georgia once again for these recent accomplishments.

So if you’re tired of the same old week-long mundane, drunken, beach experience, go ahead and book a suite in the Governor’s Mansion. With no less than ten people in a room and unlimited access to windows for two-story beer funnels, how could you not want to endorse our city as the No.1 Spring Break Destination?

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