GC Volleyball beats Pembroke


Improving their record to 7-8, GC currently sits 8th in PBC standings

Derek Roberts

GCSU’s women’s volleyball team increased their overall record to 7-8, as they hosted UNC Pembroke and Francis Marion last weekend.
The Bobcats pounced on UNC Pembroke and beat them 3-1 Friday night.

“We came back and played really well, and we feel like it’s turning around our season,” said freshman Maggie Roper. “We’re a really emotional team, and we had a really emotional win over Pembroke.”

There are 10 teams in the Peach Belt Conference, and eight of them make it to the conference playoffs.

The Bobcats regular season has almost reached the halfway mark and the team is currently 8th in the conference standings after losing 3-0 to Francis Marion on Saturday.

Head coach Gretchen Krumdieck said that the team is young and still learning how to consistently win matches.

“Right now we’re trying to figure out what’s going to work for us,” Krumdieck said. “We need to take care of the ball when it’s on our side of the net, and really we’re just learning how to finish out matches.”

Even though the team is currently one game under .500, Krumdieck said she was impressed with how hard the team has played and the amount of heart they have.

Both Roper and junior Ella Anastasiades stressed the importance of the team staying consistent.

“I’ve seen steady progression, and we’ve gone above and beyond what we did last year,” said Anastasiades. “It’s not only maintaining our standards, but also raising our standards, and meeting our potential.”

Anastasiades also said the group of freshmen players on this year’s roster have brought a lot to the table.

Anastasiades is one of the leaders of the team, and one of only three upperclassmen. The 2014 volleyball roster consists of 6 freshmen, nine sophomores, two juniors and one senior.

“Leadership stems from the team as a whole, but my role as an upperclassman is to use my experience to help the younger players,” Anastasiades said.

The Bobcats will look to get back on the winning path as they host GRU Augusta on Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Centennial Center.



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