GC Gets A Parking Garage

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By Brooke Moore

GC Drivers will no longer have to complaining about driving around for an hour to find a parking spot. Georgia College is planning on building a three story parking garage for GC students and employees just a block from campus.

“The new parking deck should satisfy student complaints,” wPresident Dorman said. “It is expected to be built within the month.”

GC acquired land a mere block from campus after GC representatives proposed on offer during a town hall meeting. However, the tradeoff is that the deck will be taking the place of a few local bars downtown including Buffington’s, Chops and Capitol City.

“Do people even go downtown anymore?” Patrick Woods, sophomore environmental science, said. “I drink at home alone. That’s what a man does.”

The parking deck is estimated to have 1,200 parking spots. Of these, five spots will be reserved for resident and commuter students and the remaining 1,195 spots will be reserved for employee parking.

“I think this is a great idea,” Lauren Ahrens, the newly elected SGA president for GC, said. “Five new spots for students will make a huge difference in the current parking situation on campus.”

To pay for the new parking garage, it is reported that tuition will increase by $10,000 during the next academic year and parking fines must now be paid in human sacrifice.

“Our hope is that the human sacrifice payment will reduce the amount of drivers on the Georgia College campus,” said Dorman.

The new parking garage will be completed within the month and is expected to be open to students and employees on May 1.

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