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This was a very unique week in the history of Georgia College & State University. First off, I have to recognize the excellent turnout of the Georgia State Legislature on Tuesday. It was really great to see so many students out in support of this university. It was also a great opportunity for myself. I was able to not only tour the Governor’s Mansion with the representatives, I was also able to go to the Old Capital Building and sit in on the mock session that took place. It was really a great feeling to know that the governing body of the state of Georgia was able to celebrate the 250th anniversary of organized government in the state of Georgia on a state proved in part by GC&SU. It was also great to hear Gov. Roy Barnes brag on the university. The Governor said that the visit here shows that the state has invested its money correctly in making GC&SU the Liberal Arts University of the state of Georgia. Hear that everybody; the mission is working.

While the campus was full of excitement and anticipation in conjunction with the Georgia Legislatures visit, there was also a somber mood with the recent murder of a former student who was attending law school at the University of Georgia. The gruesome, deplorable acts perpetrated to this student unfortunately shows where our society stands. The idea of taking another person’s life is horrifying. The fact is that this was a human being. I’m sure it doesn’t enter the average college students’ mind that this could be your last month, day, or even moment on Earth. But the truth is that we are fragile. Life is fragile.

You might be asking yourself what these two things have in common. Well, nothing on the surface. However, to me it is a reminder not to waste your opportunities in life. Tuesday was an opportunity, a great one at that, to put this university in the minds of those who govern this state. I think that was accomplished. Relish it and enjoy it. Who knows if any of us will have moments like that again? We are never guaranteed anything. Remember that wasted opportunities remain lost. Some of us should remember how fortunate we are. Live life people. We are never promised anything.

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