Feminism is being a man


Nick Landon

What’s funny about language is that it does a good job of not always meaning what it should. One example is in the word “feminism,” which many seem to think is an ideology exclusive to women.

But feminism isn’t quite that way. I mean, sure, mostly women subscribe, but who wouldn’t subscribe to the idea that everyone should be treated with equal respect?

So it’s sort of a no-brainer for me. Of course I’m a feminist.

The strongest role model in my life is my mom, and her influence has been a huge part of my love and respect for women.  But I don’t think that really makes me a feminist.

Feminism isn’t “equalism” like many defend it to be, it’s about loving and cherishing what it is that does separate men from women. Not necessarily what makes us different, but why it’s important that we should work together.

Women kick ass. They can do anything men can do, sure, but they can do anything women can do, which is more impressive.

Mao Zedong once said women hold up half of the sky.
Feminism is being a man, and holding the other half up for them.

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