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Traveling from Seattle to Atlanta the night before his Deep Roots debut, Ethan Tucker spent the majority of his only day in Georgia in Milledgeville. The Colonnade’s entertainment editor Angela Moryan had a chance to sit down with ET before his Saturday night flight back to Washington, talking about his new album, his inspirations and his barefoot habits.

colonnade: How does little middle Georgia Milledgeville compare to where you grew up in Washington state?

ethan tucker: The town I live in is called Olympia. So, it’s outside of Seattle. It’s the capital. And it’s very similar. It’s got the kind of small buildings. It’s not like the big hustle bustle city. It’s the outskirts of it. So, it has a very similar vibe to the downtown area.

colonnade: What did you hope the fans got from your performance?

tucker: I hope they got the idea that I like to… how do I put it? I want everybody to feel good. So, I hope they got that feeling, of feeling good. And enjoying the show the same way that when I go watch music that I want to feel. I hope that came across to them as well.

colonnade: What do you love most about your new album, Misunderstood?

tucker: What I love most about this record is it’s what I wanted to make. It’s just my songs recorded very well with good musicians. There’s no bells and whistles. There’s no, we didn’t bring in 20 producers. We didn’t bring in, you know, it’s just good musicians playing good songs, and that’s what I love about it.

colonnade: Who or what was your biggest inspiration for the album?

tucker: There’s too many.

colonnade: No one that stands out?

tucker: I mean, there’s plenty that stand out. There’s a lot.

colonnade: Give me a couple.

tucker: You know, there are a couple exes, a couple friends and family, you know, and just life. The inspiration is really just the road we’re all on – the road of life. That’s the real inspiration.

colonnade: Your album’s called Misunderstood, so what do you think people misunderstand the most about you?

tucker: Yeah, well I think, the same thing people misunderstand about most people. They don’t take enough time to take things for more than surface value. You know, you have your preconceived ideas about what someone should be or how they are instead of taking the time to get to know who somebody really is. So, I don’t think it’s anything really unique to me. But it’s just a matter of people just not, sometimes people don’t take the time to really get to know who you are.

colonnade: In your eyes how would you describe who you really are?

tucker: How much time we got?

colonnade: Give me the abbreviated version. Give me a few adjectives that you think describe yourself.

tucker: I try to be positive, hard-working, focused and loving, you know. Really my big thing is love. Love is what it’s all about.

colonnade: You have a lot of guest singers on your album. Who has been your favorite to work with?

tucker: I love working with Michael Franti. He’s great to work with because he kind of challenges me to work hard even harder and take what I do and do it better. And he’s just a fun guy to work with.

colonnade: Do you have any memorable moments from recording with different artists that stand out, like maybe funny moments or arguments?

tucker: All of the above. I mean, if you’re really recording with somebody who’s passionate and you’re passionate, you’re going to have arguments. There’s been times when me and Michael are up until six in the morning working on songs and just, like, frustrated with each other. It’s like “Okay, I want this one.” I say, “I don’t want that.” You know, it’s coming to that consensus. There’s so many stories.

colonnade: I read on your website that you don’t really like to wear shoes. What’s all that about?

tucker: It’s as simple as that. I don’t really like to wear shoes.

colonnade: Why?

tucker: It’s not as comfortable. And it’s ugly.

colonnade: So, do you walk around more barefoot or sandals? You’re wearing flip flops today, right?

tucker: Yeah. Rains, snows, sunshine, pretty much what I’m going to be wearing.

colonnade: Flip flops?

tucker: Flip flops or barefoot, yeah. I mean, I wear shoes sometimes when the occasion calls for it, but it’s not my chosen preference.

colonnade: What is the most memorable thing about Milledgeville in your eyes? You’ve only been here not even 24 hours, so what stood out to you the most?

tucker: There’s a lot of pretty girls here. But I don’t know, it’s kind of quaint. I just like the vibe. It has an energy. There’s a lot of history and you can feel it.

colonnade: What’s your favorite song off your album?

tucker: Uh, that’s like picking your favorite child!

colonnade: Alright, well give me your favorite song to listen to right now that’s hot.

tucker: You know what, I really like that song by The Weeknd “I Can’t Feel My Face.” That one’s hot to me.

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