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‘Remember Dodo’s Pool Hall’

Taylor Hembree While walking downtown, you pass a smoky pool hall that often times is filled with “regulars.” The ‘normal’ crowd at Dodo’s is needless to say, not college students. “I think college kids see…

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Sounds of The South Preview

By Brooke Moore Sounds of the South is a well known, annual student ran music festival that takes place in downtown Milledgeville every spring. The purpose of the festival is to promote community engagement by…


Spring 2016 Directing Scenes Premiere

Trey Rutherford – “Company” by George Furth   If there is anything that you could say to anyone coming to see the show, what would it be?   I would say that the best audience…

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The Lemonade: Hunting the Rainbow

By Will Anderson “Grab yerself a Pot’O’Gold,” is this year’s motto for Georgia College Leprechaun Hunting Club as they prepare for one of their most important dates on the calendar, St. Patrick’s Day. Each year…


‘Son of Saul’ Review

By Peyton Sanders “Son of Saul” is a fierce and relentlessly heartbreaking testimony leaving the audience with almost no time to breath or weep. The film follows Saul, a Jewish prisoner in a concentration camp….