Editors ‘tempted’ by T.V. show, island

Wednesday night.FOX TV.”Temptation Island.” For anyone who has not heard of the best new series on air, you are missing a lot.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game” is the only phrase that can describe this show. FOX has a number one show with this one. If you haven’t seen it, mark your calendar for Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Why?

We have heard a lot of comments about this show lately. Our response is to “get off your moral high horse.” The contestants, in all their beauty, know exactly what the rules of the game are. If they didn’t want this kind of stuff to be on national television, then they shouldn’t have agreed to be on the show. Obviously, they don’t care if you see them get “freaky.” So what’s your problem with it?

We thoroughly enjoy watching this show. It has become a Wednesday night ritual to be at a certain house with the phone off and having a “merry” time. This is not like any other soap opera. It is more addictive than “Survivor,” or the “Real World.” There’s anger, passion, true love, passion, blind dates, passion, massage therapy, passion, reverse psychology and, above all, “trifling” romance.

The rules of the game are simple. Four couples that are in a dedicated relationship are sent to a remote island and faced with temptation of infidelity. The other people on the show are beautiful, young, very single and willing contestants to destroy the monogamous relationships. The boys and girls are divided up. Taken boys and single girls are sent to one island and vice versa. But before that, each dedicated contestant gets to eliminate one person they don’t want their mate to “date.” On each date, camera crews are filming. The reverse psychology comes in during the bonfires.

Each taken contestant has the opportunity to see what the other is doing-with one exception. If he watches her date, she has to watch him. That sets it all in motion. Get the point? For all of you who have been in a serious relationship before and for those who are in one now, the temptation to feel a little bit of more romance is what is going on right now.

We don’t want to tell you the whole show, but all we can say is that there will be some cheating, revenge and much temptation.

We would love to hear your comments about this show, because there seem to be some mixed emotions about the show. The men think they can be charming and sly. The women think they can be the faithful ones, but they are actually the most tempted ones.

All we have to say is bring on the massages and watch the show!

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