Dylan Cook Q&A


By Savannah Stout


Have you won an award like this one before?

Personally no, I guess last year I won the Gold Glove which is like a national award,but I’ve never won player of the week nationally.But I am honored to even be considered for an award like this.

I read on the press release about your success in the montevallo Series, could you talk a little about how that game was in your eyes?

The series started  out dull , we had a double header the first day because our game  had previously been rained out, so I mean I went in there knowing it was kind of a smaller ball park too, I tried to stay within in myself and tried to hit the ball hard and obviously good things happened afterwards.  It kind of sucks in a way because we lost two games and only won one. And getting that award I feel like we should have won more than that. I mean I was just doing my part so that the team could succeed.

Would you say that this was personally one of your most successful games?

The award I got was for the week I guess, but I hit two home runs in the last game and that was the game we won, but I mean it was a good game and our team played well I just wish we could have started a little bit earlier that week.

Has there been any challenges for you this season and if so how have you overcome these?

I would say the biggest challenge is just the expectations of me from last year, I mean I was pretty successful last year I won a lot of preseason awards so you know it kinda builds you up and I try to keep my mind level headed and do what I know to do ,play baseball and good things will happen. That was my view of the season coming in.

How did you feel when you found out that you had received this honor?

I don’t really know when I win awards, people tell me when I have. I don’t really go on social media that much so my friends and roommates will come up to me and be like hey you know you won this and I will be like I had no idea. My girlfriend actually told me I won this award, so I had no idea until she had told me. Of course it’s  an honor and I’m glad i’m getting the school publicity and everything, but like I said I’m here to play baseball and win games and hopefully national championships, so it’s just a step in the process I guess.

You are the first National Player of the Week from the Southeast Region this season, how does that feel, do you think it puts more pressure on you / has it given you more confidence in your abilities?

Not really, I kind of have a routine I mean I work hard and obviously hard work will pay off and it does but it doesn’t really pressure me , I know I can do that and it all happened in one week, but It’s just an honor to win this award and I am going to keep on doing what I have been doing so nothing will really change from that.

I got the award yes, but we still got like 20 something games left in the season, so I mean I gotta keep on improving throughout those games and the weeks and hopefully good things will happen at the end of the season.

Looking Forward to the rest of the season what are your personal goals?

As a Senior and one of the captains on the team my goal would be to just rank high in our peach belt conference and make the peach belt tournament and win that hopefully, and go to our fourth regional in a row and hopefully go to the world series.

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