Dear Miss Milly

Dear Miss Milly,

I have been thinking a lot about transferring schools next semester. I really like it here, but I also feel like I may have better opportunities elsewhere. I would also be closer to my family and friends from home. There are a lot of options to weigh with this decision but how do I choose what to do?

-From Dreading Decisions

Dear Dreading Decisions,

This can be a tough decision. There are many factors that play into your decision-making process, so make sure you evaluate all of your options.

Family ties are always factors for the desire to transfer and be some place where you are relaxed and comfortable. Remember, home isn’t that far away. It’s often just a drive. While that drive may be long, the trip home is much more rewarding every now and then, not every weekend. Spending time away from family gives you the opportunity to make new friends and new memories.

Don’t let old friends be the primary reason you transfer. They may be excited when you get there, but they aren’t obligated to stay or coddle you during your time there; they have lives, too. If they do end up changing schools themselves or hanging out with other friends more, you may resent them and your decision to follow.

Some of your credits might not transfer. If you are only missing a few, that might work, but what if you lose a whole semester’s worth of classes? You have to retake them. Decide whether that’s important to you and if it’s worth it.

Consider all of your reasons changing schools. Make a pros and cons list, and although other’s advice is helpful, make sure you make the final call, and decide on a school and a plan that makes you happy.

~Miss Milly

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