Dear Kobe Bryant

By Terrell Harris

Dear Kobe Bryant,

Thank you for inspiring a young kid from Indiantown, Florida

Thank you for empowering my soul and mind with the true definition of hard work and dedication

Thank you for allowing me to admire your blood, sweat, dedication and passion for the game of basketball throughout your career

Thank you for guiding me to be great with your relentless work ethic and your undeniable passion for the game

Thank you for teaching me to be myself and have confidence in my abilities on and off the hardwood

Thank you for allowing me to witness greatness night in and night out

Thank you.

I can honestly say that you did everything the right way without any handouts or


Thank you.

I strive every day to prepare myself such as you did every game and every practice

Thank you for being the only reason I wear number 24

Thank you for the five championships I can say I witnessed in my lifetime

Thank you for being my Michael Jordan

Thank you for being the greatest of my era

Thank you for free admission to witness 20 years of greatness through the game of basketball

Thank you for being my hero.

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