Bobcats Sell Unwanted Clothes on Facebook

By Victoria Croft

Odds are, any social media lover here at Georgia College is a member of the Bobcat Clothing Exchange Group. But what is it like being in charge of the madness of sorting through posts that can be approved for the online group?

Marykate Malena, junior English Literature major, started the Bobcat Clothing Exchange group about two years ago when she was a freshman. As an administrator for the group, Malena’s job is to approve members, as well as the posts they wish to advertise on the wall.

“I honestly don’t run into too much trouble approving posts for the group,” Malena said. “Usually people stick to making posts about clothes. The only time I’ve deleted posts were when people try to sell things that aren’t clothes, or when people use the group to ask people to drop classes they’re wait-listed in out of desperation.”

With about ten posts per week and now over one thousand members, the Bobcat Clothing Exchange is an extremely popular social media group that students are involved in.

“I heard about the Bobcat Clothing Exchange group right after I transferred here as a sophomore,” Natalie Sleister, senior management major said. “Even though I haven’t purchased anything, I think it’s really cool that someone thought of the idea, especially because us girls are always needing to get rid of clothes we never wear.”

The Facebook group attracts many followers by its cheaper prices on usually expensive items of clothing.

“I joined the group when I was a freshman and bought a pair of rain boots that I still have today and I was super pumped because normally they would be pretty expensive and I got a much better deal on them which was a relief considering most of my money had just gone towards buying text books.,” Caroline Bottomley, s e n i o r management major said. Caroline Bottomley.

Today, Bobcat Clothing Exchange continues to serve its original purpose that its creator dreamt of for it when she first created the page.

“I started the Bobcat Clothing Exchange page because I love to shop despite the fact that I have no money,” Malena said. “I honestly just started it because I wanted to have a place to buy inexpensive clothes whenever I felt like it, and to sell off the things that I buy and never wear.”

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